My early introduction/give an account of n-ethyl-hexedrone (HEX-EN)


This is one of my first audits and I’m sad that I can just contrast it with a-PHP, pv9, 2-FA and 3-FPM. Never got my hands on drugs like cocaine or other substituted cathinones so i cannot contrast hex-en with them.

I purchased a 1g test of ethyl-hexedrone  in light of the fact that a few reports I’ve discovered online were fascinating and it was tranquil shoddy. Likewise a few people composed that its like cocaine or amongst cocaine and a-php.

(There are additionally a few reports that say its frail and not worth the cash but rather I get it relies upon the source/clump.)


After a sensitivity test I weighted out 40mg and grunted it. It was not that excruciating. Like a-PHP. Unquestionably not as terrible as pv9, 3-FPM or 2-FA.

Impacts begun following 2 minutes and I was amazed on the grounds that there was an incredible elation coming up. Superior to anything all amphetamines I’ve tried and furthermore superior to pv9. Not tranquil comparable to a-PHP. Around 10 minutes after the fact full impacts were available and I began to get loquacious like on my first circumstances with a-php.

Full span was in the vicinity of 1 and 2 hours and I wanted to redose. Redosed commonly during that time and impacts were constantly calm comparative.


As of late somebody inquired as to whether it could be vaped. I truly needed to attempt it however I had no e-cig, thwart or anything like that. I know its not prescribed at all to smoke it with tobacco since it could be terrible for you lungs in the event that it consumes/gets excessively hot.I did it regardless and rolled a cigaret. There was no cruel smoke as long as i pulled (sucked? dont know the english word for it) calm ease back to maintain a strategic distance from an excessive amount of warmth.

There was no surge however impacts were like insufflated. Not felt in the same class as nasal but rather still calm a decent feeling. I get it could be extraordinary if vaped effectively.


The following day I took my first oral measurements. (Around 40-50mg).

Had no gelcap so i just tossed it into my mouth and flushed it down with some water. It was not as desensitizing as a-PHP or pv9 and the taste was alright.

Before long there was a considerable measure of incitement and elation yet no surge.

Impacts were available for quite a while. I figure 2 hours + 1-2 hours light incitement following 2 hour stamp.


In the event that you know about symptoms of a-php you should realize that it can get truly awkward. I was amazed that a large portion of these symptoms were absent this time with hexen.

A few things I encountered while and following an entire night (consistent redosing at regular intervals):

Feeling somewhat tired after principle impacts were no more

My lips felt dry and I began to lick once again them constantly. Attempted to smother it yet automaticly began licking again after a few minutes.

You feel your heart thumping. Be that as it may, its not as terrible as with PVs.

Couldnt keep up an errection

Needed to pee calm frequently + expanded entrail movement

Intermittent shortness of breath

Obstructed my sense about one night following 2 days. (In any case, not as terrible as pv9. That crap was approach to burning)

Horniness (and happiness while watching porn)

Whatching Porn (in the event that you cannot have intercourse) is forever my most loved thing to do on stims and for me it expanded the happiness from Hexen by 200-300%. Almost felt like my porn-sessions on a-PHP yet with less symptoms.


I’m truly astounded by this new chem and accessibility is great. A considerable measure of sellers begin to convey it and for me its a decent swap for A-PHP. Happiness was not in the same class as with a-PHP but rather superior to anything PV9 or different stimulants I’ve attempted.

The absence of awful symptoms is awsome in light of the fact that on PVs I generally get neurotic, fretful, feel like crap one day later and here and there even hear voices in my mind following a night without rest. I think I will arrange it once more.